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SLOT COORDINATION PARAMETERs AT Sofia Airport. Slot requests for taking-off and landing have to be issued in the IATA format (SMA, SCR or GCR), and sent to the address specified in Contacts – SITA or е-mail. Requests have to be sent for any type of flight, with the exception of emergency landings and search and rescue flights. General Aviation | ACNL general aviation All flights to and from a coordinated airport can only be executed when an air carrier or any other aircraft operator has been allocated an airport slot. According to Article 2, paragraph g, of the Regulation as state flights, emergency landings and humanitarian flights are exempted. Slot Coordination for General Aviation - Slot Coordination for General Aviation . As a result of the continuous rise in demand for airport slots for general aviation at coordinated airports and the assumption that there will be a further increase in this traffic segment, an internationally valid format, known as the GCR ( General aviation Clearance Request), to apply for slots has ...

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General Aviation | Mitilini Airport (MJT) For Business Aviation & General Aviation flights into and out of Mitilini airport, please use the slot allocation guidelines as provided by the Hellenic Slot Coordination Authority .

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SLOT ALLOCATION PROCESS FOR GENERAL/BUSINESS AVIATION FLIGHTS All IFR General/Business Aviation (GA/BA) flights, scheduled to operate at all Coordinated (IATA Level 3) Greek Airports are obliged to request an airport slot for landing and/or take-off from the Hellenic Slot Coordination Authority (HSCA). VFR flights are exempted from the above rule.

Procedures regarding General Aviation (including Business Aviation) are described in the local rule of GA AMS. Requests must be submitted in IATA GCR format (instructions can be found in the IATA SSIM manual appendix K and on the ACNL website; for examples of GCR format click here).Please always check the local rule GA AMS for more detailed information.

SCA - General principles - Airport Slot-Coordination deals only with the allocation of airport slots (no ATC-slots) and is independent of traffic rights. In order to operate into and out of a coordinated airport, airlines and general/business aviation must have an airport slot allocated. Schedule Coordination Guidelines For Hong Kong International Airport Schedule Coordination Guidelines for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Introduction Since July 2008, Civil Aviation Department (CAD) has assumed the role of the Coordinator for HKIA and Hong Kong Schedule Coordination Office (HKSCO) under the Air Services and Safety Management Division (ASMD) of CAD performs the Coordinator’s functions. 2. HKSCO adopts and maintains a neutral, transparent and non-discriminatory slot allocation mechanism in line with the IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines ... To Expedite the Slot Coordination Process of General Aviation, We ...